Dr. Dnyanesh Nikam

Dr. Dnyanesh Nikam is a well known doctor in Maharashtra for treating Ano-Rectal diseases like Piles, Fissures, Fistula, Ano Rectal Abscess, Pilonidal Sinus & Prolapse Rectum. A Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Dr. Nikam has treated patients with para-surgical procedure, by using principles of Ayurveda (Indian science) & Modern science technology. He founded Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital & Research Centre. The hospital also serves as private training centre for doctors in Ano-Rectal diseases.

Date of Birth 27/09/1960.

Honoured as B.A.M.S. (Ayurvedacharya) in 1984 from Nagpur University.

Practicing as Ayurvedic consultant as piles and fistula specialist since 33 years.

Director, Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital & Research Centre Nasik.

Work done with Famous Vd. Ramesh M Nanal (Bombay).

Work done with Famous Dr. M B Kothia (Bombay).

Work done at Gujrat Ayurved University Jamnagar 1985. Under Guidance Prof.

Dr. Kulwansingh, HOD Shalya Dept.

Worked as an Organising Secretary, National Conference held in Nasik & Aurangabad Dec 1993, Jan 2005, Feb 2012, Dec 2014, Dec 2015 & Jan 2019.

Presented Paper at ICTAM – Conference Bombay-1990.

Presented Paper at UPDATE AYURVEDA Conference at Bombay in 1992.

Presented Paper on Ayurveda at National Conference of Family Physician Association at Nasik in Dec 1992.

Paper presented Medicated seton in Ano rectal Diseases at Miniapolis (USA) Conference on 1st Oct 2009 Organized by Minosta University.

Paper Reading done before Research Society of Ayurveda in Japan at Okayama in 1987 on the Subject Ano Rectal Diseases and Ayurvedic treatment. Paper Reading done in All India Colo-Rectal Mid term Conference at Bombay Hospital in Sep 1991.

Done Paper Reading at ASIAN MEDICAL DOCTORS ASSOCIATION, Conference at K.M.C. Medical College. Manipal Karnatka University Feb 1992. Won prizes for Paper Reading on "Ayurvedic Treatment of Fistula in ano" in 9th Annual Surgeons Conference Maharashtra. Feb.91.

Felicitated by Maharashtra Health University Nasik for effective Paper Reading in Conference in year 20 January 2000.

Delivered Lecture as a faculty Member in Rao Ksharsutra Institute, Bhillai Conference on Constipation & Ayurvedic View & Felicitated by Rao Institute as Life Time Achievement Award by Hands of Dr. Bhaskar Rao (Tirupati) on 15th & 16th Dec 2012.

Delivered lecture as a Faculty Member in Recent Advance Proctology, Agra Conference on Ano Rectal Diseases & Ayurvedic treatment on 12th to 14th November 2016.

Delivered lecture as a Faculty Member in Sushrut Proctology Association, Surat Conference on Fissure in ano & Ayurvedic Treatment on 6th & 7th January 2018.

Delivered lecture as a Faculty Member in Sushrut Proctology Association, Jaipur Conference on The New Non Invisive Treatment on Abscesso on 2nd & 3rd February 2019.

Delivered Lecture as a Faculty Member in Hitam an Ayurvedic Anorectal Institute, Hyderabad Conference on Arsha & Ayurvedic Treatment on 20th & 21st April 2019.

Lectures on Ayurveda at G.S.Medical College, Bombay University 1990.

Lectures delivered in various Ayurvedic Colleges all over Maharashtra & Karnataka states.

Lectures delivered on Ayurveda at various All India Radio centre’s.

Trained in DGHAL at Leoben(Austria).

Attended Hands On Training In Proctolgy at Wuerzburg Germany March 2011.

Article published on Ayurveda in Magazines such as Dirghayu, Madhujeevan, Ayurved Patrika & National Newspapers.

Conducted 46 Charitable Ayurvedic diagnostic with treatment Camps at various places of Maharashtra & Gujrat.

Live Telecast Programmed on Bombay TV in Hello Doctor Series.

Published books on Piles and Ayurveda an informative tool for all.

Published book on Jan 2019 by Dr. Arun Rojansakul (Thailand) – Secretes of Successful Ano Rectal Surgery.

Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital & Research Centre

Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital & Research Centre was established for treating Ano-Rectal diseases such as Piles, Fissure in Ano, Fistula in Ano, Pilonidal Sinus, Ano Rectal Abscess & Prolpse Rectum. It was founded by Dr Dnyanesh H. Nikam on 10th April 1986 in Nashik (Maharashtra, India) The hospital has treated over thousands patients in Maharashtra with para-surgical procedure, by using principles of Ayurveda (Indian science) & Modern science technology. Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital & Research Centre is first private training centre in India. Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital & Research Centre conducts various training programs for doctors in the concern specialise area.

Sushrut Ano-Rectal Hospital had conducted over 46 free treatment camps for the poor and needy patients twice in a year this includes diagnosis and complete Para-surgical treatment.


Fully equipped Operation Theater
24 hours Doctors & Trained staff
Fully equipped Patient rooms and Medical stores
Latest treatment with Ksharsutra.
Pathological Laboratories.
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Our Team of Doctors

Dr. Dnyanesh H. Nikam



    • Piles
    • Fistula
    • Lecturer

Dr. Rahul Nikam



    • Consultant Proctologist
    • Piles & Fistula specialist.

Dr. Deepak Thombare


General Surgeon

Dr. Sampat Pawar


General Surgeon

Dr. Samir Shah



Dr. Ajit Patil

M.B.B.S, D.A


Dr. Balkrishna Darke



Dr. Manoj More



Award by Dr. K V S Rao Institute

Interaction with Dr. Nikam

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Interaction with Dr. Nikam

Hitgujj Dr. Nikam on piles

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